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3 creative ways to share customer testimonials on Instagram

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

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3 creative ways to share customer testimonials on Instagram

If your business has been on Instagram for any amount of time, then you’re aware of the power of customer reviews and testimonials. Reviews are a key part of customer research, when looking for everything from a new lunch spot to a new tube of lipstick.

We love the convenience and effectiveness of creating a post featuring a written review, but that isn’t the only way to show reviews on social media. Take your customer testimonials on Instagram to the next level with these three creative ideas.

Creative customer testimonial idea #1: Create an Instagram Story highlight

Instagram Stories are a place for more authentic and unfiltered content, making them perfect for customers to share spontaneous photos. When they tag your business in their posts, you get the option to repost them to your own Story to provide social proof of happy customers.

Instagram Stories normally expire after 24 hours but adding them to a Story highlight on your profile keeps them up *forever* (or until you remove them). New followers who land on your page are able to watch Story highlights and learn more about your business.

Create your own Instagram Story highlight and start resharing customer tags and shout-outs so you can save them to a highlight. Our tip: regularly check your message requests in your inbox to make sure you don’t miss a post!

Creative customer testimonial idea #2: Share a UGC Reel

Let customers speak for themselves! A customer testimonial is stronger when it’s in their own words, sharing their own results and experiences known as a UGC (user-generated content).

In the example below, Maya Chia Beauty reposted a customer’s Reel showing her before and after results when using their product.

Want to get started? Check out posts you’re tagged in, branded hashtags, and account mentions to find UGC (don’t forget to ask permission!). If you want to generate more quality UGC, consider using an incentive like a discount or free shipping in exchange for content.

Creative customer testimonial idea #3: Pin customer comments on posts

Post engagement is not only good for your account metrics, it is also a creative way to see customer testimonials. Pinned comments are another, more subtle, way to let your customers do the work for you on your posts.

Try it for yourself by pinning reviews or positive comments on your posts and Reels. To pin an Instagram comment, swipe left on it, then tap the gray pushpin icon. This keeps it at the top of the comment section. When you pin comments, the person whose comment you pinned will receive a notification.

Get quality comments by doing things such as: posting best-selling products, asking your followers a question, or telling them what they love about a certain product.


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