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How to use Instagram Story engagement stickers for your business

How to use IG Story engagement stickers for businesses

Instagram Stories have become more important for social media marketing than ever before. Over 70% of Instagram users watch stories daily, and mobile video consumption continues to grow. If you want more benefits from your Instagram Stories, native engagement stickers make it easier.

You can click on any of the stickers below to jump to it, or keep scrolling to learn more about how to use Instagram Story engagement stickers for your business:


What it does: Mentions are used to tag other accounts on Instagram.

How to use it: Tag fellow small businesses, customers, or others in your community. When someone is tagged in a Story, they have the opportunity to reshare the story, increasing the chances of increasing your reach to a new audience.

Get quote

What it does: This is one of the newest engagement stickers meant to support small businesses. The quote acts as a lead form to get in contact with potential customers directly from your Stories.

How to use it: You have the option to use Instagram’s prefilled standard form or customize your own.

Support small business

What it does: The support small business sticker is especially useful because when it’s used, it shows a small preview of your products.

How to use it: Encourage customers and loyal followers to share your business during social holidays such as Small Business Saturday.

Food orders

What it does: Food orders are another new addition to Instagram’s sticker features aimed to help small and local restaurants.

How to use it: Share a drool-worthy photo and use the food order sticker to make it that much more irresistible.

Add yours

What it does: The “Add Yours” sticker allows you to create content chains on Instagram Stories with other users on the app. This feature encourages your followers to respond to your posts in a different and interactive way. Think of it like creating a visual “thread” or even a “challenge”.

How to use it: Learn more about how to use the “Add Yours” sticker.


What it does: The question box allows you to ask your followers a question, and hear back from them in their own words.

How to use it: Use this to ask your audience what they want to see next from you, or use it for a topic like an “ask me anything”.


What it does: Polls are one of the most versatile engagement stickers on Stories. You can use a poll to learn more about your audience, communicate with them, and have some fun.

How to use it: Share a this or that, a true or false question, or use the responses to start a conversation. Learn more about creating engaging polls.


What it does: Put your followers to the test with an Instagram Story quiz! This is useful for teaching your followers a little more about your business and products.

How to use it: Alternatively, quizzes can be used in place of polls if you have more than two options.


What it does: Since you are not able to add clickable links in Instagram posts, Story links are especially useful.

How to use it: This is a great place to add links to new collections, blog posts, and business updates.


What it does: This sticker is perfect for any business that sells a physical product because it allows you to link to specific products shown in a Story.

How to use it: Save your customers the hassle of searching your site to find a specific product.


What it does: Sliders don’t have a ton of utility compared to other stickers in this list but they make it easier for your community to engage with you.

How to use it: Use the slider to build excitement for product launches and get a feel for what your followers are thinking.


What it does: When strategically used, countdowns are a fun way to build excitement about activities related to your business, such as product launches and seasonal sales.

How to use it: Users can set a reminder for the end of the countdown to encourage them to come back once it’s over.


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