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Recipe for Social Success: How to create a This or That Instagram Story (Plus FREE templates!)

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

This or that Instagram story

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Now, We all have some familiarity with tactics to increase engagement on our Instagram feed posts—intriguing headlines, thought-provoking questions, and a strong CTA (call to action), to name a few. But what about increasing engagement on Instagram Stories?

One of the simplest solutions is to use Instagram’s engagement story stickers! Of course, you can use a single static image, but if you really want your small business to look more polished, we recommend using social media templates like the ones inside the Ripl app.

Today, we’ll show you a step-by-step recipe for creating an engaging This or That Instagram story and throw in a guide with free templates to help you get started! This will take less than 20 minutes to complete and the more you do it, the faster you’ll be able to create a this or that Instagram Story in the future!

Keep reading or jump to the recipe.

Prep time: 15 minutes

Total time: 20 minutes

Serving size: 2 Stories per week

Yields: 3 weeks of Story content

Ingredients for a This or That Instagram Story

First things first, you need to get your ingredients together.

For this recipe, we’re keeping it simple:

  • Ripl subscription

  • Instagram app

  • A Ripl This or That template (Pick one here)

  • Two images (Optional to add your own flair)

Ripl subscription

Ripl will be your new social media BFF to ensure polished, branded Instagram Stories. In addition to Stories, you can create everything from video posts, Reels, and even Facebook and Instagram ads!

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Instagram app

This step is obvious, but we can’t in good conscience call this a recipe for Instagram without pointing this step out.

Double-check that you have the most up-to-date version of the Instagram app to ensure all the features work correctly and that you are signed into your Instagram business account.

A Ripl This or That template

Pick a template from the Ripl Recipe This or That collection.

Two images to give context to your poll

This or That Stories use a customer poll to spark interest. To create a successful this or that poll, you will need two images for your story that catches your audience’s attention and gives context to the question you’re asking. Ripl templates come with 2 images already selected, or you can upload your own.

Ripl Tip: Using images and themes that relate to your business is great. For example, if you are a restaurant business, you may do a This or That Story of “Sweet or Savory” and upload two images of your own dishes.

Directions for a This or That Instagram Story

Step 1: Log in to Ripl

Start by logging into Ripl to create your This or That Instagram Story. You can do this from either mobile or desktop.

Step 2: Select a This or That template

Once you select your template, you will be taken to the Customize screen.

This is where you can customize the Story template with your own photos and branding.

Step 3: Customize a template

In this next step, you can customize the images, font, or text. This step is recommended but not required. Depending on the template you choose, you may not need to include text and instead let the images, in combination with the poll choices, speak for themselves.