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7 Engaging Instagram Story poll ideas for small businesses

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

7 engaging Instagram Story poll ideas for small businesses

Want to diversify how you engage with your followers? Enhancing your Instagram Stories using polls is a great place to start. Not only is it fun and easy but it can allow you to gain valuable customer insights.

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The importance of creating engaging Instagram Stories

Since Instagram Stories automatically play and are easy to swipe through, having attention-grabbing Story posts are essential. Polls stop the swipe and make your followers read your content.

What does this mean for your small business? It keeps you top of mind for your customers, it can create more intimate conversations, and help you learn more about your audience.

Before we get started, make sure you read our post on how to make a poll on Instagram Stories if you don’t know how to already.

Engaging Instagram Story poll ideas for small businesses

1. This or that polls

This or that posts can be used to present and compare two options for your followers to choose between. This type of post works well for any business type and has limitless possibilities.

Strategically use these to show that no matter what their preference is, you have an option that suits their taste.

Ideas to get started:

  • What kind of breakfast lover are you? Team sweet or Team savory

  • What do you prefer? Bathtub or shower

  • Which scent combo is your favorite? Lavender mint or Orange vanilla

2. Yes or no polls

Another type of engaging polls are yes or no questions. These are usually more specific than this or that polls. Use these to see if your followers have ever tried something, are interested in a product, or have heard of an industry fact.

Bonus tip: With your yes or no polls, add personality or flair to your answer choices to make them more interesting.

Ideas to get started:

  • Did you know this little known statistic? Yep, knew it! or I had NO idea!

  • Have you ever seen an avocado tree before? Yes or no

  • Did you know we offer curbside service now? Yes! Or No, I’m so happy!

3. Market research polls

Polls are a great way to gain market research and gain insights into your customers. You can use them for anything from learning more about their demographics to learning what they’d like to see next from you.

Ask a question and use the two poll options as two different answers to choose between with the goal of gaining an understanding about them.

Ideas to get started:

  • What do you need more help with? Organizing or Decluttering

  • Which area of life do you need more help with managing stress? At work or At home

  • What color scheme is your home decor? Light and airy or Dark and cozy

4. Polls to tease new products or services

Make your behind the scenes content more engaging by adding a poll to your posts. Use polls as a teaser to generate excitement about a new product, service, or larger special offering.

Show a sneak peek and have your followers guess what it is or ask them if they’re excited.

Ideas to get started:

  • What ice cream flavor do you think is coming next? Green tea or Limoncello

  • Can you guess what this print is for? Romper or Skirt

  • Are you ready for a summer sale? Oh yeah! Or No thanks.

5. Polls to drive website or blog traffic when you don’t have a swipe up feature

If your account has less than 10k followers, you unfortunately don’t have access to the swipe up feature on Instagram. Strategically using polls is the creative way to get around this obstacle as you look to grow your following.

Ideas to get started:

  • New products in my Etsy shop are live! Choose an option below and I’ll send you a link to check them out! Earrings or Necklaces

  • 2 new blog posts this week! Get the link by tapping an option below! Blog post 1 or Blog post 2

  • Are you ready to schedule your consultation? Select an option below and I’ll send you the call link directly to your inbox! Personal training services or Meal planning services

6. Polls to drive DM conversations

For businesses like real estate, consulting, or coaching, building strong relationships is essential for sustainable growth. Instagram post comments are great but fall short in engaging in deeper conversations.

When creating these types of polls, make it clear you will be sending them a direct message so they know to look out for it!

Ideas to get started:

  • Do you have any other questions about the home-buying process? Yes or No

  • Ready to see how I can help you take your personal finance to the next level? Heck yes! or Not ready yet

  • I’ll help you create a follow-worthy IG profile. Interested in a free 5 minute Instagram audit? Yes please or No thank you

7. Just for fun

Lastly, create polls just for fun to bring the “social” back to “social media” and have authentic interactions with your followers.

This is an opportunity to share your personal life, interests, and hobbies.

Ideas to get started:

  • What’s your favorite type of vacation? Relaxing or Action-packed

  • Are you a plant lover too? Green thumb or Botanically challenged

  • Do you need coffee to start your day? YES! Or None for me


Instagram Stories are a great way to keep your business top of mind for customers and story stickers like polls that build engagement encourages customers to stick around. Ripl has tons of ready-to-customize Instagram Story templates to get started.

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