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Real estate social media marketing ideas for the holiday season and beyond

While planning your holiday and winter social media content for your real estate business, it's important to include a mix of content to engage your followers. Consider utilizing these six real estate social media marketing ideas in your holiday content this year.

1. Share a holiday decorating guide or seasonal home tips with your followers

Holiday decorating guide social media post template with gold Christmas ornament on Christmas tree

Creating a holiday decorating guide or sharing holiday home tips are both festive, creative ways to share your expertise with your followers this season.

  • Create a holiday home decorating guide on your blog, in a video, or on your website and advertise it on social media.

  • Share a post with seasonal home tips for homeowners or renters.

  • Provide links to your favorite holiday home resources on your social channels.

2. Inform with trending home topics for the year

Market updates and trend report social media post for real estate and home professionals

What was trending in 2020? What do you anticipate will be trending in the new year? Share your thoughts on social media and ask your followers to share their opinions on new home and real estate trends for 2021.

  • Run a poll in your Instagram stories to gather follower opinions.

  • Host a Facebook Live event and answer incoming questions around trends.

  • Open up a discussion in the comment section of your latest trends post.

3. Run a holiday contest on social media

Holiday giveaway social media post template with red Christmas present wrapped with red bow

Run a holiday contest or giveaway to engage your customers! People love the prospect of winning something. Plus, a giveaway can improve engagement and brand awareness on social media. Be sure to offer an exciting prize so that customers are more likely to participate. A gift certificate, gift basket, or free professional services should suffice. You could even ask local businesses to partner with you on the giveaway and contribute to the prize!

Always look up social contest and giveaway guidelines in your state before running a contest.

4. Post about seasonal community events or community service

Cookie exchange social media story post for Instagram stories or Facebook stories

Ultimately, social media is about community. This holiday season, your followers may be more interested than ever in connecting with others. Connect them with their community in a few different ways:

1. Post about your local community events, whether they are virtual or in-person. Think: cookie exchanges, holiday music concerts, and small business shopping events.

2. Spread the word on social around volunteer opportunities in your community this holiday season. Plus: let your followers know when and where you'll be volunteering—you can plan to meet up and make some valuable new connections!

3. Provide a guide to potential buyers and home owners around community resources and social enterprises that operate in a specific geographical area.

5. Spread some holiday cheer on social

Brighten someone's day and spread some holiday cheer on your social accounts this winter. Get in the spirit with one of our holiday post template collections:

6. Refresh your social media presence

When was the last time you took a good look at your social media pages for your business? Your Instagram bio could likely be improved, you could probably add a link or two, you might consider adding an action button, and your 'about' section on Facebook probably needs an update! Take some time to update your social media bios at the end of the year or in the new year.

Don't miss a thing! Reference these resources for what you should optimize on each of your business pages:

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