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February 2021 social media and small business news roundup

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Social media news and small business news for February 2021

Find social media platform updates, feature releases, and small business news for the entire month of February here.

This post is updated weekly during the month of February 2021.

Instagram is testing removing the ability to share feed posts to stories

Instagram is planning to remove the ability to share posts on your feed to your stories. Instagram says people prefer to see the original posts in their feed, but this may be harmful to small creators and would decrease spreading awareness of information, including social or environmental issues, on the platform.

Instagram won't promote Reels with TikTok watermarks

The platform wants people to stop recycling TikTok videos on Instagram! The Instagram algorithm will now not favor any Reels that include the TikTok watermark. Make sure you're creating dedicated content on Reels to increase your changes of discovery.

Instagram plans to launch multi-participant live streams feature

If you've used IG Live (and you don't live in India) you know you can only have one guest at a time. Instagram is changing this up with multi-participant IG Live streams, to be released later this month!

Shopify integrates with Facebook and Instagram

Shopify is integrating with Facebook and Instagram by adding Shop Pay onto these platforms, allowing customers to purchase on the social platforms without leaving the app or site.

What is Clubhouse?

Heard the buzz around this new social media platform? Read about Clubhouse here. FYI—the app is currently invite-only and currently only available for iPhone users, and it's been experiencing some growing pains.

Twitter is building a subscription-only product

In a push to increase revenue opportunities, the social network is looking to implement paid content. One idea being explored is "tipping" users on Twitter, which would mean essentially paying for exclusive content from accounts you follow. Twitter is also exploring whether users will pay for premium features, such as an "undo send" option or custom profile enhancements.

Twitter adds visual elements to "Fleets"

Twemojis are the latest visual tool added to Twitter's "Fleets" feature, similar to stories in Instagram and Snapchat.

There's a Facebook news ban in Australia

The Australian government proposed a "Media Bargaining Code" which Facebook is pushing back on. Read about the news ban in Australia here.

Update 2/24/21: Facebook reached an agreement with the Australian government and restores news pages.

Facebook's State of Small Business Report

Facebook released the latest iteration of their COVID-19 small business impact report.


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