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Top 5 social media tips for business (According to our top blog posts of 2022)

Before we work toward our 2023 business goals, it’s important to reflect on learnings and lessons from 2022. Here are our top 5 social media tips for businesses according to our most popular blog posts of the past year. Make sure you bookmark this page to reference as you build your strategy for the upcoming year.

Social media tip #1: Use polls to drive engagement on Instagram and Facebook Stories

Polls are easy for you to create and easy for your followers to engage with—a win, win!

The key is to create Stories with polls that followers want to engage with.

Get our best resources on using polls:

Social media tip #2: Tell a story using customer testimonials

We love customer testimonials because they are essential to building trust between businesses and customers on social media. Why is this so important? Because it can lead to more sales!

Get started with customer testimonials and customer support:

Social media tip #3: Celebrate the holidays on social media

Holidays are not only fun to celebrate, but they are a great time to promote your business through seasonal sales and specials. Our holiday calendars and seasonal templates are here to help.

Find seasonal templates to celebrate the holidays:

Social media tip #4: Use content calendars to help plan out content for the month

Posting on the days in-between holidays is just as important as the days themselves. Content calendars help you post consistently on social media by planning your content ahead of time. This preparation allows you to focus on other areas of your business.

Resources to get planning:

Social media tip #5: Take advantage of Instagram features

Instagram continues to add new features and improve existing ones—a sure sign that utilizing them should be a priority in your social media marketing. We understand that keeping up can be overwhelming, which is why we do the work for you!

Check out our posts on using Instagram features:


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